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  • 1:08 -- The main point of the latest McKinsey Global Consumer Sentiment Survey. (i)Consumers felt more financially secure than in the prior year. (ii)Fewer consumers traded-down, ie, there were less consumers who picked the less expensive brand.


  • 3:31 – The movement toward online in China and India is impressive.


  • 3:50 – About online groceries and the differences between USA and Europe.


  • 4:54 – Demographic differences in Consumer Sentiment. Women are more likely to be frugal. US Millenials are not brand loyal.


  • 6:03 – About brands, private labels and commoditization.


  • 7:18 – Consumers in China on buying national Vs international.


  • 8:25 – Consumers are looking for ways to save money.


  • 9:20 – How do companies keep up with consumer sentiment apart from this survey?


  • 11:10 – Middle and smaller size companies tend to be better at keeping up with consumer sentiment.


  • 12:01 – How Consumer Sentiment affects how a company thinks about consumer experience?


  • 13:22 – How often does consumer sentiment change? That depends on the country.






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