Cass Sunstein - Michael Covel Trend Following - Ep. 543

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  • 3:52 – We live inside this echo-chambers where we don’t allow the alternate view in.


  • 4:16 – Any generalization about “We” is going to run in some trouble unless we are talking about “We have lungs and we are bipedal…”


  • 4:48 – Many of us are sorted either by an algorithm or by our own behavior into information cocoons, which means that our own pre-existing tendencies get reinforced.


  • 5:52 -- What’s your backstory [in political terms]?


  • 8:31 – What about Social Media algorithms in the election cycle and their influence in sorting and filtering us?


  • 12:17 – If you’re being sorted by an algorithm into an echo-chamber then that’s not good for you because your horizons are being limited and it’s also not good for our system because lots of people horizons are being limited[1].


  • 13:40 -- This idea of grouping is not good for a healthy Democracy, why?


  • 20:40 – According to Hamilton, deliberation among people who are very different can be a creative force, but we are living in a Hamilton’s nightmare where the disagreement among people who are on different sides or different tribes is not a creative force but a force of paralysis.

  • 21:50 – On the Founding Fathers’ thinking about keeping us open and exposed to the uncomftable and engage to each other.


  • 26:16 -- The problems with the Daily Me as a filter either through an algorithm or by personal choice[2].


  • 30:01 – Tech is not the enemy, but we need to think about the downside, the side effects, trade-offs and externalities.


  • 31:04 – On Freedom equaling Choice.


  • 35:19 -- What about Social Media in countries where they don’t have Democracy?


  • 39:21 – Are media becoming too polarized and partisanship?


  • 41:10 – Can we keep our Republic?



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[1]Recommended reading about filters: “Filters fail when they know us too well and when they don't know us well enough” (Jay Rosen) via





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